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  • [原] Flex4.5.1 spark tree
    I found  sparkTree  does not work under Flex4.5.1 when I use XML as the dataprovider. After research, I work out a Flex4.5.1 spark tree base on the sparkTree. I hope my
  • [转] flex tree ITreeDataDescriptor
    原文链接:  hi.baidu.com/liuyq188/blog/item/7f4eeeecbebccaddb21cb1b1.html ITreeDataDescriptor接口 方法 addChildAt (parent: Object , newChild: Object , index: int , m
  • [备忘] flex tree DropIndicator and scroller
    I use 3rd party spark tree instead of MX tree, and met an issue: when you dragover an item to the tree target, if the tree has more items and show the scroller, you will f
  • [转] Spark Tree
      源文:  kachurovskiy.com/2010/spark-tree/ 最新的code在 github:  https://github.com/kachurovskiy/Spark-Tree 非常可惜, Flex 4 没有  Spark Tree ,而  MX Tree  现在 还

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